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The Collective

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It’s a Financial Technology company with a wide-range of products and services. Their core service is for community management, to support teams with their ITOs. This is currently their main source of revenue. Lately, their effort has been focused on CDEX: Community Development & Exchange, a decentralized marketplace for Ethereum-based tokens.
They put special attention on stability, with a focus on server uptime, and security, with “military-grade” standards. There is no charge for deposits or withdrawals, only a competitive 0.3% fee for order actions. Another project in development is TraderOne, a trading platform for all sorts of virtual assets.
The plan is for the success of these ventures to fund their other and future initiatives. The CollectiveGo is another project: it’s an augmented reality game which uses their native token. Finally they are also behind The Collective Global Initiative, which is creating a community to protect the interests of the blockchain industry, its values, and all the involved actors. A multi-form fintech company such as this one has several promising sources of revenue.

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