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Safari proposes an ecosystem designed to change the way clients looking for consultancy services perform their sourcing and help consultants to advertise and drive customers to their businesses. View more...

The Safari ecosystem include:
✓ Safari Token (SFR)
The Safari Token (SFR) will be used to power the payment system for consultancy services sourcing platform.
✓ Consultancy Services Sourcing Platform:
-For clients; Providing clients/customers looking for consultancy services access to consultant's profile, local trends, promotions and deals based on their current or any location. Enabling clients to become aware of profile, social media posts, offers and trends from consultancy services providers around them.
-For consultants; Affordable and more effective advertising platform, enabling them to target nearby clients with incentives to visit their offices or close the deal through our platform
✓ SafariDex; a decentralized exchange.

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