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As we rely more on computers, portable devices and the internet every day, the information we produce grows exponentially year after year. View more...

And exploiting it is becoming more and more challenging. The majority of the world’s information is both inaccessible and tremendously under-utilized. Certain business amass it without being able to exploit it while other industries suffer from the lack of accessibility. This is true for Artificial Intelligence and self-driving cars. Ocean Protocol wants to change that by unlocking data so that it can be accessible, utilized properly and finally make the data economy a reality.
They are building a data exchange protocol which is blockchain-based. They want to build a decentralized platform where providers can easily share or sell data while retaining privacy and full control over it. Their long-term vision is to have as many marketplaces as possible where information flows freely and is valued like it should be but without compromising privacy. That is what they treat it as intellectual property.
Their structure uses rewards at the network level and cryptographic PoS to incentivize supply. To guarantee sustainability and flexibility, they also rely on on-chain bounties. Their final product will be open-source and permissionless.
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