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Harmony wants to create an open platform that is ready to take on the whole world and compatible with future growth, up to the forecasted population of 10 billion. View more...

They want to enable businesses to easily and quickly build marketplaces with interchangeable tokens and/or non-interchangeable assets. This should change the way data consortiums (ad exchange, credit, health etc.) will form and should make information much easier to access and use for business. All while ensuring the privacy of users.
To achieve a world-wide decentralized economy, you need a much more performant infrastructure as current blockchain projects allow for. So they are doubling down on technical innovations at every level to achieve speed, efficiency and scalability. The project is fully lead by a team of engineers and computer scientists who worked for Google, Apple, Amazon and the like. Technical savviness is both their strength and value proposition.
To achieve coordination and consensus at scale, they are taking inspiration from the full-stack approach in Google search. Their ambition is to bring “10x” innovations at every level of the chain: algorithms, networks, systems etc. to create a revolutionary infrastructure with little latency, little cost and high-throughput.

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