Fitoken (FIT) ICO Rating


Financial Investment Token constitutes the first ETHEREUM based FIAT pegged cryptocurrencies in existence today. View more...

Financial Investment Token create using ERC20 under Ethereum Blockchain with the symbol of FIT. FIT has five modules:
- Ferideas: Ferideas acts as a life changing source for such individuals as it’s a unique investment opportunity, and we channelize their ideas as a partner that helps them to raise funds. A person that is looking for a new platform where they can invest their resources to make it grow further, this portal can give your ideas a new wing and enable you to meet a potential individual to be your new partner to make your resources bigger and to build it further in the future;
- We Are E-Commerce: An e-commerce portal named “portal of portals” enabling millions of SME’s to start their own online business by their name and identity;
- Netgoobers: Netgoobers is a betting platform which includes all the legalized betting games.
Netgoobers users can use FIToken as betting money in all the games connected with the portal, where you will find almost 70% of the global betting and gambling outlets;
- Dotescrow: DOT escrow uses FI Token, which is available in our platform and can be bought and stored in a wallet (E-wallet for FIT which is created by our team). DOT escrow has a platform where you can have a prepaid card that you can use to store your tokens;
- Fedverify: Exchange users know how risky it can be to hold FIAT currencies on an exchange. With the growing number of insolvency events it can be quite dangerous. We believe that using FITOKEN exposes exchange users to less counter party risk than continually holding FIAT on exchanges

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