Crypto Cash Cipher Core Token (CIPHC) IEO Rating

Crypto Cash Cipher Core Token


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Complete Cipher technology for perfect security, perfect safety which has succeeded for the 1st time in the world.
Credit (collateral) check function:
Confirm the conversion with legal tender or collateral. Add to the cash information the banknote number in the case of legal currency, and the mining information in the case of natural resource collateral which are reserved and numbered.
Crypto Cash issue function:
Crypto Cash is issued by completely encrypting issuer information and value information.
Crypto Cash storage and management function:
Store and manage already issued Crypto Cash, and adjust the market distribution volume.
Crypto Cash authenticity check function:
When using Crypto Cash, check whether it is genuine or not yet used. Incidentally, the confirmation information can be recorded openly using a crypto ledger.

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