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Abit Token


ABIT Token (hereinafter referred to as AB) is issued based on the ETH network. View more...

As the only token of ABIT.com, AB will support the operation of the entire ABIT ecosystem and is the bridge for ABIT platform to connect to all its customers. We have elaborately designed AB's various incentive mechanisms, so that users holding AB can enjoy various rights and interests on the ABIT platform. These mechanisms will stimulate the market into forming a network effect, which can increase the demand for AB. Meanwhile, we will keep on reducing the circulation supply of AB, resulting in absolute deflation in the market. At this moment, we are still continuously expanding the usage scenarios of AB, which will be a long-term objective of the ABIT team. We sincerely wish, through AB, we can achieve a mutual complementarity in the global blockchain era, and jointly promote the healthy development of the digital asset industry

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