One More Step for an ICO Analysis

ICO and STO Lists

When you first explore the ICO (or STO - Security Token Offering) world it’s a bit hard not to get lost in an enormous information flow surrounding this new and exciting sphere. News, blogs, reviews, forums, social media, whitepapers, etc. - all this seem to be impossible to read and perceive. The first difficulty newbies can meet is a huge number of currently ongoing and upcoming ICOs and STOs (for simplicity, the ‘ICO’ term will be used for both ICO and STO in the following text). The most popular ICO lists sources are ICO calendars, ICO listings and ICO ratings.

Many of them have a convenient user interface with a well structured information. You can definitely pick some of them you like best for your own reasons. Using your favourite ICO listings(ratings) you can skip the ICOs you are not interested in and limit the potential investment opportunities circle.

If you wish to start right now you can check our Featured & New section. ICOs that have been added to the most popular ratings recently are listed there.

Starting Point

But what to do next? How to pick the ‘right’ ones?

Everybody has their own strategy, however checking the top ICO ratings of your potential investment candidate can be a good start. This is where can become handy. It can save your time and efforts providing summary information from different sources in a matter of seconds. You can see how many ratings have added the ICO project to their lists and how they evaluated it. If you need more information from one of the ratings you can easily get it by clicking the corresponding rating logo. After taking into account the project ratings number and their values one can exclude projects with the low ratings.

Is it Useful?

The approach is rational despite the rumors about some ‘paid’ high ratings. A conflict of interests exists for the rating websites: usually they list ICO projects on a paid basis, so the dishonest ratings (if they exist) could set higher ratings to the projects that paid some ‘hidden’ fee. Despite this, no one will pay for low ratings and we can consider low ratings ‘honest’. However, each rating site individually may be wrong. In addition to this, some rating formulas are not transparent, may be dependant on the unknown experts opinions or have another flaws. That’s why it’s important to consider as many different ratings as possible to have more weighted and substantial estimation. When all ratings for an ICO are low it can be a clear signal to be extremely careful.

In short, if a project has many low ratings it can be skipped and if it has not - the further analysis is needed.

This is one simple possible strategy step example only, the ideal ICO investments approach design is a complicated and interesting task opening unlimited possibilities for your creativity and fantasy.